CAE Speaking Part 3 – Exam Preparation

Today we ‘ll have a look at Part 3 of the speaking exam. In Part 1 and 2 you had to speak on your own but in Part 3 you will have to communicate with the other candidate – and also sometimes the interlocutor.

You will be given a sheet with a question written in the middle and a few prompt around it. You and your partner will have around 15 seconds to read over the sheet. Here is an example of a Part 3 prompt sheet.

Part 3 Prompt Sheet


You and your partner then discuss the questions and some of the aspects (= prompts) written around the questions for about 2 minutes. After the two minutes the interlocutor stops you and asks you a second ‘decision question’.

For the above example this might be: Which is the best way to learn a new language?. You have 1 minute to discuss this second question and to come to a conclusion. It is absolutely fine to have a different opinion to your partner. Just agree to disagree politely. A polite disagreement can sometimes make the conversation much more interesting and it might encourage you to show off more advanced language!

Now have a look at this video in which my friend Daphne and I answer the above questions.


  • You should have a conversation with your partner.
  • Look at your partner.
  • Listen to your partner, respond to what they say & take turns.
  • Give reasons for your opinion.
  • Invite your partner to speak, ask for his/ her opinion.
  • It‘s fine to disagree politely.

If you have any questions about the Cambridge exams or you would like me to focus on a special aspect in a future blog post or video, please get in touch via the comment box. I would love to hear from you.

Good luck with your exam!

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