About Billie Haase

 Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Billie and I teach English as a foreign language. I have an MA in Communication Research and Phonetics and a PGCE in primary education. After teaching children for five years in Manchester, I decided to change my career path slightly and started teaching English to speakers of other languages. In August 2013 I completed my Trinity TESOL Diploma with Oxford TEFL Barcelona with a distinction.

Now I work as a teacher and teacher trainer based in Barcelona. I am a tutor on the Business English online course at Oxford TEFL and a member of the Teacher Training and Education special interest group from IATEFL. I also write online articles on using new technologies in teaching for Excel College Manchester. Besides work I also have a private life, in which I love going salsa dancing, reading blogs, meeting my friends and discovering my new hometown.

About this blog

With this blog I aim to provide students with materials to help them improve their English pronunciation and grammar. Most of my entries are videos or articles. Every now and again you can expect a little extra item on something fun – but always to do with learning English or living and studying in Britain.

I love to collaborate with other teachers and am very lucky because my friends and colleagues Tim Brown and Frankie Austin contribute regularly to my blog as well. If you are interested in teaming up with me on a video project, please get in touch via email (b.b.haase@gmail.com).

Goodbye for now & enjoy my blog!

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Billie! I am glad to know that you are already in Barcelona. I am sure you are doing well. Thanks for teaching me for 3 months in manchester. It was very helpful and allow me to achieve my goals. Carry on updating this blog 😉 cheers

  2. Billie! Thank you very much for teaching me for three months. I found your method of teaching very helpful as you always focus in the weakness of each one of your students. Your classes are very dynamic, entertaining and challenging. I really appreciated everything that you taught me. Hope other people can have the opportunity to have you as a teacher ^^). Wish you spend a great stay in Barcelona!

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