The Future Continuous

Hello again! I hope yo have enjoyed last week’s post on the will-future. Today we’ll be looking at the Future Continuous. Now, this is a very popular tense with singers in the music industry. In fact, you can find many examples of the future continuous in well-known songs. So, I am going to test your … Continue reading

The Future Simple

Good morning! Now that we have had a look at the past and present tenses, it is time to look ahead into the future! More specifically, we’ll be looking at the future simple tense today, also often called the will-future. Here are some examples to start with: I have just arrived in Berlin today and … Continue reading

The Past Perfect Simple & Continuous

Hello everyone! I’m in an excellent mood because today marks the start of my summer holidays. I’ll be on vacation for the entire month of July – amazing! I have been incredibly busy this last month with teaching, training teachers on our Trinity Cert course, working as a Cambridge speaking examiner (almost every Saturday!) and … Continue reading

The Present Continuous

Happy Sunday everyone! Today’s post is going to complete the present tense video series. It’s on the present continuous – quite a basic tense you might think but with super powers because you can use it for the present and the future. Yes, that’s right! Watch the video to find out more and don’t forget … Continue reading

The Present Simple

The present simple is usually the first tense you learn when you study English. It is a very easy tense to form, just remember to add an ‘s’ to the third person singular. I walk to work every morning. BUT: He walks to work every morning. This little ‘s’ makes a big difference and can … Continue reading

Present Perfect or Past Simple?

Which tense to use? This can be a tricky question because both tenses are used to talk about things in the past. And in fact, very often we use them together in a happy mix! 😉 For example: Taylor: How long have you lived in Barcelona? James: Oh, I’ve only moved here recently. I arrived … Continue reading

FOR or SINCE with the present perfect?

Hi everyone! I hope you have found the videos on the present perfect tenses useful. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand when you have to use ‘since’ and when you have to use ‘for’ with these tenses. ‘I have lived in Barcelona since 3 years.’ Is this correct? …. no! It’s ‘I have lived … Continue reading

The Present Perfect Continuous

To complete last week’s post, here is the video explaining the present perfect continuous and the difference between the simple and continuous tense. The main difference is the verb you use: an action verb or a state verb. Action verbs describe a process, for example: walk, live, work, talk, listen, cook, write, make. These verbs can … Continue reading

The Present Perfect Simple

A new week, a new tense! This time we’ll have a look at the present perfect simple. The name of this tense can be a bit confusing because this tense is generally used to talk about the past – not the present. You can use it to talk about general past experiences when you want to … Continue reading