The Past Perfect Simple & Continuous

Hello everyone!

I’m in an excellent mood because today marks the start of my summer holidays. I’ll be on vacation for the entire month of July – amazing! I have been incredibly busy this last month with teaching, training teachers on our Trinity Cert course, working as a Cambridge speaking examiner (almost every Saturday!) and making videos for my so that you’ll have something to watch and learn while I am away 🙂

In today’s post you don’t only get one but two videos: one on the past perfect simple and another on the past perfect continuous.

Have a look at some example sentences here:

I had worked incredibly hard when I finally got a summer holiday break. = past perfect simple


Mar, Sira and Arnau had been studying with me for two years before they passed their Cambridge First for Schools exam. (Congratulations!!) = past perfect continuous

Now, watch the two videos below to learn more!

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