CAE Speaking Part 2 – Exam Preparation

Welcome back! This is the second blog post of a series of six focusing on the Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) Speaking Exam. I hope you have had a look at Part 1 and watched the video with a demonstration of this part of the exam. In Part 2 you will be given three pictures but you only have to choose TWO pictures to talk about. Let’s have a look at it in more detail.

In Part 2 you will have to:

  • Speak on your own for a full minute.
  • Have a look at three pictures, then choose TWO to talk about.
  • Compare and contrast the two pictures and answer two questions about the pictures.
  • Listen carefully to the questions and answer these.
  • Speculate about what is happening in the pictures.

Part 2 tests your ability to use language to describe, compare and contrast, hypothesise and comment on a topic. After you talked about your pictures for a minute, your partner will be asked a question about the same pictures and topic. This lasts only for about 30 seconds. Then it is your partners turn to talk about a new set of pictures on their own for a minute. Once your partner has finished, you will be asked a brief question about their pictures.

Watch the video to see an example of Part 2.


  • Speak for the full minute, until the examiner ‘interrupts’ you.
  • Compare and contrast the pictures (e.g. they both show, however, whereas, in comparison to etc.).
  • Hypothesise about what is happening in the pictures (e.g. maybe, perhaps, it seems, it looks like, they might, she may etc.).
  • Don’t panick if you do not know specific vocabulary for all the things you see in the photographs. You will probably still be able to compare and contrast the pictures and answer the questions. Remember, you do not have to describe the pictures in detail.
  • In total Part 2 lasts for about 4 minutes.

Please leave me a comment with any questions you may have about the exam. Why not share this blog post and video with your friends?

Thank you & Good luck in the exam!

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