CAE Speaking Part 4 – Exam Preparation

Today we will have a look at the final part of the CAE speaking exam. In Part 4 the interlocutor will ask you and your partner some more questions so a discussion can develop between you. The questions are related to the topic in Part 3. For my video example of Part 3 this might be language learning. Part 4 lasts for about 4 – 5 minutes.

It is important that you interact with your partner:

  • Invite your partner to speak.
  • Look at your partner – turn your chair a bit sideways to face him/ her and smile.
  • Listen to what your partner has to say – show your interest.
  • Respond to what your partner says.
  • Give reasons for your opinion.
  • Take equal turns.

Now, have a look at a video example in which my friend Daphne and I demonstrate this part of the CAE exam. Our Part 4 topic centres around the value university degrees have in our society nowadays. We answer the following questions:

  1. How important is it for people nowadays to obtain a university degree?
  2. Do you think people with a university degree move on to better-paid jobs? Why/ why not?


  • Show interest in your partner‘s response.
  • Take equal turns. Don’t dominate the conversation.
  • Avoid short yes/ no answers.
  • Give reasons for your opinion.
  • Use a wide range of vocabulary.

You can also check out my with many more videos to help you improve your English.  If you have any questions about the Cambridge exams or you would like me to focus on a special aspect in a future blog post or video, please get in touch via the comment box. I would love to hear from you.

Good luck with your exam!



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