The Past Simple

Welcome to the first blog post on the tense system in English! I wanted to create a video series on all the English tenses for a long time and this week I have finally started with this project. You can expect at least one video per week for the next few months. In the first video we’ll be looking at the form and the use of the past simple – the basic past tense in English.

If you are a learner of English, you might find it funny to hear that even teachers at the start of their teaching career find it difficult to remember all the different tenses in English. There are 12 (plus 1) in total – so it’s actually not too bad compared to other languages. However, it can still be a bit confusing to know which one is which and in particular, when to use each tense. I hope that my video series will help you get a better understanding of each tense.

Please let me know if you feel I have missed out any information or if you have any additional questions. You can post them on here or under the video on Youtube and I promise to answer!


One thought on “The Past Simple

  1. Very helpful! I always get confused about the different tenses. I’m looking forward to the next posts. Thank you Billie!!


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