Getting your voice heard in the Speaking Exam

Are you worried about your speaking exam? You don’t know how to react if your exam partner just won’t shut up and let you speak? No need to panic anymore. In this video I will teach you phrases to help you navigate through a speaking exam with success.

We will practise phrases to help you:
– interrupt someone politely
– invite someone to speak
– show that you are interested in what someone says
– carry on with a conversation
– add to something your partner said

OK, let’s get started!

Now watch the video again. Repeat the phrases and copy the rhythm and intonation.

Remember, you can show that you would like to say something through:

  • Using these special phrases
  • Using gestures and body language
  • Using ‘noises‘, e.g. uming and ahing
  • Using intonation (= stressing some words more than others).

Good luck with your exam!

Why not leave me a comment and tell me about your exam experience? What did you find easy? What was tricky? I am always looking for new topics for future videos, so why not suggest something that you find difficult? I would love to hear from you and dedicate a video to your topic!

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