The Schwa – Frankie, a banana and a pint of beer

Hi everyone!

After a rather long absence I am back. This time I am blogging this from my beautiful new hometown Barcelona. I’ve moved here about seven months ago and am happy to say that I’m settling in rather well. I love the sun, the beach, the many interesting people I meet here and of course I love the vibe and buzz of one of Europe’s coolest cities!

Now that I’ve got my TESOL diploma finally in my bag – remember, that was the reason I was quiet for nearly a year – I am ready to start blogging again.

So here comes my first entry in 2014. This one is really very special to me, because it’s featuring my friend and colleague Frankie Austin from Immersed English who will be teaching you a bit of glorious English pronunciation. Check out our latest video and find out what a banana and a pint of beer have in common. In this video you’ll be learning about one of the most common sounds in spoken English: the schwa /ə/.

5 thoughts on “The Schwa – Frankie, a banana and a pint of beer

  1. It’s really lovely to see you again , and congratulation to get your TESOL diploma.

    • Great to hear from you Ahmed! This is one more thing I love about the blog: it really helps me to keep in touch with all my lovely students. I hope you and your family are doing well!?

  2. It’s a great pleasure to read you here again! I’m glad you’re so happy in Barcelona! You’re one of the best English teachers I’ve ever had (ohh I’m looking like a teacher’s pet!)
    And, of course, congrats for your TESOL diploma!

    • So lovely to hear from you David! I love living in Spain, and Barcelona is my new favourite place I can see you’re keeping up your English, very good!

      • It sounds great! It’s an amazing city!
        Yes, I’m doing or maybe trying to improve it, hehe… I attend English lessons at the language school and I want to learn more step by step.😉

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