Pronunciation Rule 1

This video will teach you a general pronunciation rule for short words (with one syllable) with a final silent ‘e’.

Watch the video and do the short exercise. Many English words follow this rule but please remember, as with most rules, there are exceptions! Can you think of any?




19 thoughts on “Pronunciation Rule 1

    • Thank you Isaac, Simone and Carlos for your comment! I’ glad you’ve found the video helpful 🙂

  1. Hi Billie, Dave Leaf here, great sounds, as you say there are always exceptions and finding them is always interesting, and occasionally I am sure really frustrating for people learning the language.

    • Hi Dave, thanks for checking out the blog and for leaving a comment! Yes, learning a language is exciting and frustrating in equal measures … I’ve just started learning Spanish myself and can sympathise with my students. I hope this website will help them on the journey of mastering English!

  2. Oh, well done, Billie!
    In German we call it “AHA-Effekt” (you remember?) when you suddenly understand something which was a riddle for a long time!

  3. I am thinking ten minutes about any exception for this rule but I do not find. Any exception, please? I will not sleep.

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