If only I had paid more attention at school, …

… I would have passed my exam with better grades! If I had passed my exam with better grades, I could have studied at university and gotten a great job. And if I had been successful at my job, I would have made a fortune and could have been a millionaire by now!

I am sure the above chain of thoughts sound familiar to some of you. We often wonder what could have happened if we had behaved differently. Past regrets we cannot change because in reality we probably didn’t pay much attention at school, we might not have gotten a great job, and it’s rather likely we aren’t millionaires.

Don’t worry, the good news is that this experience will help you now to get to grips with the third conditional!

13 thoughts on “If only I had paid more attention at school, …

  1. I conditional
    1. I will buy this dress, if you go with me.
    2. If she needs his help, she will call him.

    II conditional
    1. I would go to Brasil, if I won on a lottery.
    2. If he had a car, he would drive me to the airport.

    III conditional
    1. I would have gone to this meeting, if I hadn’t had so much to do.
    2. If Mery had been to Italy, she would have known some Italian words.

    • Very nice sentences Anna. Just a tiny correction in the 2nd conditional: 1. I would go to Brazil if I won THE lottery. Remember: You only use a comma if you start the sentence with the if-clause! Some commas need to be deleted.

  2. If I had thoroughly considered what to study, I would have chosen H.R. rather than accounting.

    If you had played well, you could have won the match.

  3. If I hadn’t bought this dress today, I would have done tomorrow.
    He wouldn’t have fell if he had walked properly.

  4. If they hadn’t bought the tickets earlier, we wouldn’t have come to the opera.
    If Laura had visited her neighbours , She would have known that they have left.

  5. If I had had rice, I would have cooked risotto.
    I would have bought a bigger kennel if I had known you had a dogo.

  6. If Spain had won the match, they would have won a gold medal.
    They would have a gold medal if they had won the match.

  7. If I had met you yesterday, I would have given you the present.
    I would have given you the present if I had met you yesterday.

  8. I would have gone to the match if I hadn’t broken my arm.
    If i had bought the tickets one month ago, i would have a better spot

    • Great Mauricio! The second example sentence is a mixed conditional (3rd & 2nd). Well done!

  9. If I had woken up earlier, I could have studied more
    If I hadn’t spent money, I could bought a motorbike

    • Good try Arantza! The second sentence should be: If I hadn’t spent so much money, I could HAVE bought a motorbike.

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