Sweeter than chocolate

Valentines Day is drawing near and some of you might be thinking of writing a poem to a secret love.

Lines like, “You are sweeter than chocolate and beautifuller than a rose ….” come to mind.

But hold on! …. ‘beautifuller’???

Now, that doesn’t sound quite right! In order to win the love of your sweetheart, make sure you get your grammar right. This video will teach how to form comparative adjectives.


Get practising and don’t forget to leave me a poem … I mean a post!

7 thoughts on “Sweeter than chocolate

    • Hi Lucia! I am glad you’ve found the video helpful. Did you do the exercise? How many did your get right?

  1. My father is older than my mother.
    Carlos is as intelligent as Pedro.
    Iker Casillas is the best goalkeeper in the world.

  2. My car is worse than Marta’s car
    I’am as pretty as Marta
    Marta is taller than me


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