Consonant Sounds Part 1

In this video you will learn the sounds and phonetic symbols of the English consonants. This is part 1 of two videos.
You will learn the following sounds:
/p/, /b/, /t/, /d/, /ʧ/, /ʤ/, /k/, /g/, /f/, /v/, /θ/, /ð/, /s/, /z/, /ʃ/ and /ʒ/

Please leave me a post if you have enjoyed this video or if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you!


3 thoughts on “Consonant Sounds Part 1

  1. i miss your lessons but im studying for here now , good work Billie!!!THANKS!!!

    • Hi Jessica, nice to hear from you! We also miss you in class, but I hope you can continue with your studies through this blog! X

  2. I tried downloading a video but it wasn’t successful. But there wasn’t a link for that. Please can you help me out?


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