Long Vowels Exercise

Have you watched the monophthong video (vowel sounds part 1)? Then you’re ready for this one. In this video you can practise the long vowel sounds of British English. Try it out and see how many you get right!

16 thoughts on “Long Vowels Exercise

    • Did you find the long vowels more diffcult than the short vowels? If yes, just try the exercise again, it will become easier with more practice.

  1. I could guess the majority of them. I think is easier the long vowels than the shorter ones. These kind of exercises are a very good help, so cheers! 🙂

    • Great! I am glad the exercise has helped you. Maybe try out the one on consonants next!

  2. It’s a good work too like the short vowels and it is not difficult because it’s easy understand the pronunciation, at least in the video. Great exercise!

    • Thank you Victor! Try and repeat the sounds out loud (you might want to do that at home rather than in the IT room), this will help you to improve your pronunciation.

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