Vowel Sounds Part 1: Monophthongs

This video will teach you the twelve single vowel sounds of English, also called monophthongs.
You will learn the following sounds:
/i:/, /ɪ/, /ʊ/, /u:/, /ɒ/, /ɔ:/, /ʌ/, /ɑ:/, /e/, /ə/, /æ/ and /ɜ:/.

This video comes with two exercises on long and short vowel sounds. You can find them in the pronunciation category on the blog.

20 thoughts on “Vowel Sounds Part 1: Monophthongs

  1. I finished to watch the video. I think is very helpful so I wrote the different sounds and I’ll try to use them. Thanks. Sergio

    • Hi Sergio, it’s a good idea to write down the phonetic symbols so you become more familiar with them and can practise the sounds at home. Check out the Phonetic Chart from the BBC under ‘My favourite webistes’ on this blog. You can click on the sounds and listen to them.

  2. I won’t forget to say I’m full and not I’m fool, hahahaha , It’s has been great, well done billie

  3. Hi! I’ve already watched your video and I think it’s more useful, I needed that somebody taugh me it, because I’d never heard all vowel sounds. I’ll watch it again at home.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Carolina! I am glad you found the video helpful. It’s a good idea to listen to it again at home and to practise saying the sounds out loud. Let me know how you get on!

  4. Hi Billie,

    I think the video Vowel Sounds Monophthongs is very interesting to find the differences between the sounds and learn more about it.

  5. very helpful videos , thank you Miss Billie. And I make yours my favorite videos and reblogged them on my blog for my students.

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