The First Conditional

This short video will explain the form and the use of the first conditional. There are many example sentences in the video and we also discuss the use of the zero conditional. When you’ve finished watching the clip, try it out yourself and write some first conditional sentences.


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21 thoughts on “The First Conditional

  1. If you pass this semester with good grades, I will buy you a bike.

    If you have a homework, do it first then you can play.

  2. If I win the lottery I will travel around the world.
    If I pass CAE exam. I will try to get a job in UK
    If you touch the fire you are burned (zero? is it correct?)

  3. If I have to cook today , I won’t have to do it tomorrow.
    If she plays the guitar so well, she can have a concert.

  4. – If the second point of the agenda has been exhausted, carry on with the next one.
    – Sharon can have a discount only if she brings her student card.

  5. If he is a student, he doesn´t need to pay some taxes
    If you get a shower after your gym exercises, you will feel and smell better

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