The Sounds of American English

This is a great interactive website to learn the sounds of English. The speakers are all American so some sounds might sound a little different to the ones you hear in Britain! Also: you won’t find all eight ‘British’ diphthongs, so make sure you watch my video on diphthongs on this blog!

Link to Interactive website ‘The Sounds of American English’

Finding your way around the website:
It’s really easy! For example, if you want to practise the sounds /ʧ/ as in ‘church’, ‘chair’ and ‘children’ AND /ʤ/ as in ‘juice’, ‘Germany’ and ‘ginger’ you …

1. Click on CONSONANTS in the top bar.

2. Click on MANNER (= how the sound is formed).

3. Click on AFFRICATE (that’s the group of sounds /ʧ / and /ʤ/ belong to).

4. You will see the sound symbols for your two sounds. Click on one of them.

5. You will see a picture and a video on HOW the sound is formed.

6. Click the two PLAY buttons to see the movement of tongue and lips and hear the sound.

Now try it out for other consonants, and don’t forget to check out the vowels as well!


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